eTrac Final Mile Gateway for Shippers, LTLs, Freight Forwarders and 3PLs


Managing a group of final mile carriers is not a simple task. Your customers demand immediate visibility throughout the order life cycle and communicating data with all those operational platforms can be a nightmare. Your IT staff has internal projects that need to be done and trying to manage so many data connections just adds to their workload. Wouldn’t it be great if a tool existed that easily allowed you to connect and interchange data with your final mile carriers on a real-time basis?


eTrac Final Mile Gateway does just that. With an expanding network of over 1000 carriers, eTrac can connect you to your existing carrier base and add more options to your carrier choices through only one point of integration. It can integrate with almost any existing platform and even provide real-time visibility to carriers without a system. eTrac connects directly to the carrier to provide real-time updates and eliminate updates through web portals and manual entry. Because eTrac is already connected to a rapidly expanding network of final mile carriers, finding a carrier in a market is easy. Managing your relationships with carriers is seamless and developing your same-day delivery program without overhead is easy. Your ability to provide customer visibility is expanded, giving you the real-time information you need to exceed their expectations. Over 1300 network members are processing more than 10 million transactions per month through our eTrac Final Mile Gateway.

Access business from over 1300 currently connected companies


        • Expand your service offering by seamless connections with first and final mile carriers
        • eTrac network participation is growing rapidly, expanding opportunities for members
        • 24×7 network monitoring to ensure data is processed and delivered in real time
        • Over 300 Shippers, 1000+ Carriers, 10 million transactions per month


In today’s integrated world, eTrac can simplify the most complicated interface requirements.


        • Datatrac’s experience guides you through even the most complex integrations
        • Connect with eTrac no matter what operational platform you use, thanks to eTrac’s open architecture
        • Once you connect to eTrac, you’re connected to all eTrac network members


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