optimize your website to grow your business

Optimize Your Website to Grow Your Business

With capacity already tight, and e-commerce continuing to boom, if you’re not attracting new final mile business, you’re doing something wrong. Could that wrong lie in your websites optimization?

75% of people admit to judging a company’s credibility based on their website alone.  If you’d like to see more people use your company in 2019, it’s time to improve your best sales tool: your website. Website optimization can help.

Here are four easy changes to improve your website and boost sales in 2019.


Update the images

Imagery is the number one thing people notice on your website. Simply updating these images to something newer and more modern can make the change appear drastic. Stock photography is a great option when you can’t afford custom photography.

Some tips when selecting new images:

  • To avoid a “stock” look, select photos where the subjects are not looking directly at the camera.
  • When uploading the photos, be wary of image size. Uploading images that are too large can slow down your website, and negatively impact user experience.
  • Would a video be better? Mixing video into your content provides your users with options when they’re looking through your website.


Update for mobile-friendliness

There is a 50% chance you’re reading this article on a mobile device.  Larger screen sizes, better internet access, and overall ease have increased people’s usage of mobile devices when searching for products and services.

Smaller screen sizes and touch-ability make the functions of a website on a phone very different than on a computer screen. Therefore, your site is not automatically going to appear well on a mobile device. If you have not before, take a peek at your company website on your mobile device now, then, grab a different brand or version mobile device and check it there, too. It all looks different, doesn’t it?

If your website isn’t easy to maneuver on mobile, changes need to be made to get it there. Website optimization is crucial for mobile friendliness.

A few tips:

  • Requiring users to pinch and pull their mobile screen to read the text is a no-no. If a customer has to do this, your website isn’t mobile-friendly.
  • Ease is the name of the game on mobile. Making your user’s lives easier by adding things like clickable phone numbers can make a huge difference.
  • Smaller screen sizes can make text appear tight or overwhelming. Make sure your website spacing is set up to rectify this on mobile.


Tout your accomplishments & testimonials

When searching for a new service provider, customers typically want assurance that the carrier is going to do what they say they’re going to do. Previous customers or awards can provide the proof that potential customers need to see that you’re an excellent choice. Optimize your website by gathering testimonials and reviews.

Ask your customers for their opinions on the services you’ve offered, and publish the positive reviews on your website. These reviews can also be acquired from Google, Yelp, and Facebook as well.

The less than positive feedback you receive? Absorb the constructive criticisms of your business’ practices, and look for ways to improve.

Awards and trade memberships (like your eTrac connected logo) can also elevate your company in the eye of a potential customer, again offering certainty of legitimation and service level. Include these in a prominent place on your website.

Here are a few best practices:

  • Include photos of the reviewers or their business logos with the reviews. It helps remind the viewers that it came from a real person and business.
  • Reply to all reviews, even negative ones. It lets the reviewers know you care and can provide you an opportunity to change their review. People looking at reviews can also see your response.
  • Take action offline, too. Thank your customers that take the time to leave reviews with a small token of thanks or even just a card in the mail.


Consider Search Engine Optimization

“Build it, and they will come.” They might but only if they can find you. Just because you have a website does not make it visible. Many potential customers may be searching for businesses like yours on search engines, but unable to find you because your website has not been optimized, leaving you lagging in the rankings and invisible online.

If you do not have someone internally who can take on optimizing your website, consider hiring a marketing company.

Tips for applying SEO:

Applying changes one through three of this article can give you a little boost in the rankings.

It’s all about content. Look through your current website content for your target keywords and consider adding content to help target what you’re missing. Optimizing your website content and search engine optimization work hand-in-hand.

Just keep swimming. SEO is not a short-term game… it takes months and years of continued effort to see results so don’t give up!


Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

At eTrac we want you to succeed. Every day, shippers and 3PLs are looking at our database for final mile carriers. When they’re deciding whom they want to hire, they start by looking at your website.

If you optimize your website, it will work more efficiently for you in 2019.


Happy New Year from the eTrac team