Home Delivery Horror: Scary stories from the front lines of the final mile

Final mile delivery can be scary, but sometimes things take a turn for the worse. Please enjoy our dramatic retellings of these home delivery horror stories…

1. Bathmophobia


This unsuspecting driver was struck unable to complete his delivery when he encountered it: Iron Stairs. Paralyzed with fear he decided today was not the day to face his fears, and left.

Everyone has their fears: spiders, heights… iron stairs. This delivery driver may need to look into a new line of work, one that doesn’t require facing a major phobia, or potentially climbing iron staircases, on a regular basis.

To be fair, this staircase could use less-spooky lighting.

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2. Trapped Alive


Two days after placing an order on their favorite e-commerce website, these consumers were trapped in their abode by an unseen force. Fearing for their safety, they called for help and the apartment complex’s maintenance staff eventually rescued them.

The unseen force? A package. The exact package they had looked forward to receiving had turned against them, almost causing them… well, no real harm.

This story has a good ending. No fires or floods caused the trapped recipients to meet their untimely end. But the delivery company undoubtedly received a one-star review online, and that can be horrifying on its own.

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3. The Cursed Package


Wedding days alone can be scary. But when vendor equipment doesn’t make it in time, that’s just horrifying.

This faithful vendor did his best, shipping a package to his clients in Kansas City in plenty of time for the big day. He didn’t expect the parcel to have a mind of its own (dun dun dun.)

Upon tracking his package, he discovered that it was on its way to California instead, and would not arrive until a week after the wedding.

After speaking with the carrier, they attempted to shift the package’s course back to Kansas City. Even after intervention by the carrier, the package inexplicably arrived in Des Moines, Iowa. “I still don’t know when it’s going to show up,” Haan said. “I swear this package is cursed.”

To the best of our knowledge, the curse did not affect those that handled the package.

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4. Eaten Alive


While going about his business, trying to complete his deliveries, one unsuspecting UPS driver was caught off guard by a man-eater in the driveway of his home delivery. Perhaps the bear was looking for a fight, or maybe he had mistaken the big brown truck for kin but, for the sake of making this blog scary, we believe the driver’s retreat saved his life.

Who says delivery drivers don’t put their lives on the line every day? Battling highways, winding turns, and hungry man-eaters.

5. House of Horrors


In Georgia, unsuspecting consumers reached into a nondescript package from a major online retailer expecting to pull out their order. Instead, though, they found their worst fear, a snake.

Animal control rescued the distressed consignees, and the snake did end up not being poisonous, but that’s one house of horrors no one ever wants to experience.

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