Pile of boxes undelivered because of driver shortage

The Key to Growing Your Business During the Driver Shortage

The economy is on fire. New trends in consumer buying habits are setting the final mile home delivery industry ablaze. It’s time for you, the final mile carrier, to take advantage of this growth, break into new markets and expand. And naturally, the country is in the middle of a driver shortage.

But, how do you break into a new market when there are so few drivers to be found? How do you grow and better serve your clients when you can’t find someone to get your package to its final destination?

While looking for your new drivers in the proverbial haystack, you’re also dealing with a new market. Somewhere unfamiliar to you – somewhere with its own culture and legislation.

Instead of going it alone, partner with an existing final mile carrier local to your desired market. Someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the area.

During a driver shortage, when there are very few drivers to be found, we want to help you connect with new carriers that can get your packages to their final destination easily. We have carrier partners nationwide on the eTrac system, partners who already have a foothold in areas you’re interested in growing, and who have drivers available to deliver your packages.

By connecting with other partners in cities you want to expand to, you can grow your business and expand your client base, better serving your existing customers even with the lack of drivers.

You can also easily connect to these carriers using the eTrac network, allowing you to send orders and receive real-time updates on these orders for your clients.

At eTrac, we’re committed to helping our carrier partners grow their businesses. We want to bring you shippers looking for final mile services, give you tips on how to market yourself, and ideas on how to improve customer service. We’re also here to help you overcome the driver shortage.

Where can we help you expand? Give us a call at 678-250-2451, or fill out this form and let us help you grow.