3 Verticals to Try During the Slow Season

You grew your fleet during the Holidays to accommodate the overload, expecting to have to let some of your independent contractors go when the order volume dropped. But what if you could maintain those numbers year round, even during the slow seasons?

Technology has changed the final mile industry forever, and new verticals are rising that can help your team work at full capacity all year without requiring you to invest in new equipment. Here are three verticals to consider that will keep your group busy year round.

Restaurant Delivery

The results are in: millennials don’t want to leave their homes unless there’s a craft brewery involved. Why would they, though? They’ve got Netflix to watch, and social media feeds to scroll through. This burgeoning trend has resulted in more restaurants offering home delivery.

You’ve likely seen the apps that are set up to help restaurants with this task, but these apps are expensive to restaurants and leave them with very little control over the customer experience. Many restaurants are looking to replace these apps with independent contractor carriers.

Not sure how to get started? Try utilizing some common apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats to teach you more about the process and what goes into these kinds of deliveries. It will also educate you about your competition, and how to position your company in the market.

Grocery Delivery

The same socioeconomic developments that spurred the food delivery craze has brought on a new market in grocery delivery. Grocery delivery can be an easy addition to your on-demand routes, merely picking up bags from the store and taking them to the doorstep of the consignee.

Food and beverage delivery is expected to increase by 700% in the next seven years. Now is the time to get your feet wet in the grocery delivery world, and claim your piece of that growing pie.

Pharmaceutical Delivery

In 2018, two major pharmacy chains, Walgreens and CVS, announced the launch of their new prescription home delivery service. This service has always been crucial for homebound patients to receive their medications, but it’s now available to everyone and may even be covered by insurance.

Most pharmacies do not require their drivers to have any special certifications or licenses to deliver the medications. Many medications, such as opioids or other controlled substances, are still not able to be delivered legally in most areas, limiting your company’s liability. If your consignee has questions about their delivery, many pharmacies provide a phone number to call.

350 Shippers in 20 Verticals

Technology has made the potential for items to be delivered endless. From appliances to prescriptions, it can all deliver to the front door, and your company should capitalize on that.

eTrac is committed to helping final mile carriers grow their businesses. eTrac is a single point of integration that currently has over 350 shippers operating in 20 verticals. These shippers are looking for final mile carriers that they can connect to through eTrac.

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